We partner with film, TV, and musicians to offer timeless classics and tailor bespoke pieces.

We’ve always been about more than just making clothes. Throughout our history, we’ve been closely associated with the worlds of film and music, offering high-quality, unbranded essentials like T-shirts, polos, vests, and boxers. In addition, we’ve crafted bespoke items tailored to the unique requirements of specific customers. Our commitment to quality and simplicity ensures that all our pieces are designed to meet the demands of films with stylish settings and to suit the lives of well-known musicians in the limelight.

Our clothes have helped directors, actors, musicians and costume designers tell their stories, be that on stage or on-screen, and they have played a significant role in shaping the culture of our times.

Our screen collaborations range Daniel Craig’s Bond to Christian Bale’s Batman and Kristen Stewart’s Princess Diana.

Our clothing has appeared in a range of films. For instance, Clive Owen in “Gosford Park”. and Christian Bale in “Batman Returns” both showcased our pieces, underscoring our commitment to quality and style. For Tom Cruise’s portrayal of General Von Stauffenberg in “Valkyrie,”. we crafted bespoke long johns, and we tailored our Riviera Polo Shirt for Daniel Craig as James Bond in “Casino Royale”. Hugh Bonneville also wore a Sunspel T-shirt beneath his dressing gown in the quintessentially English film, “Paddington.”. Additionally, we created a bespoke ivory merino silk polo neck for Kristen Stewart for her portrayal of Princess Diana in the film “Spencer.”.

Our clothes are not just featured in films. Nick Kamen wore the Sunspel Boxer Short in Levi’s iconic 1985 laundrette advert, leading to the style’s widespread popularity. Luther Ford is also seen in our boxer in the “The Crown” and Jon Hamm wears a Sunspel cashmere hoody in his appearance on British TV. These partnerships are just a few examples of Sunspel’s extensive history with the film and TV industries. We continue to work closely with costume designers and stylists to create pieces for a wide range of characters and settings.

We have designed bespoke pieces for iconic British musicians such as Charlie Watts and Paul Weller.

Sunspel’s collaborations extend beyond costume designers in film and TV to include partnerships with leading British musicians. We’ve crafted bespoke T-shirts for Charlie Watts, the iconic drummer of the Rolling Stones and supplied other members of the band with our Sunspel Classic T-shirts. Additionally, we developed a capsule of key pieces specifically for Paul Weller and our T-shirts have been chosen by members of quintessentially British bands such as Blur and the Arctic Monkeys. Our influence also reaches across the Atlantic, working with several well respected US bands. This diverse array of collaborations underscores our commitment to supporting artists and creatives across the globe, blending our heritage with the contemporary music scene.

We make timeless pieces for everyone, from stars to daily wearers.

We focus on creating pieces that people genuinely want to wear, from celebrities to everyday individuals who appreciate craftsmanship. Our approach has always been to offer practical and stylish garments, emphasising the material and fit over fleeting trends.

We aim to make clothing that fits seamlessly into any setting, be it on screen, on stage, or in daily life. This is what Sunspel has done since we were founded in 1860: quality and simplicity are at the forefront of everything we do.